50th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas and Tips

50th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas and Tips

Are you planning a 50th wedding anniversary party for your current couple? Follow these simple instructions to produce the perfect celebration:

resolve a venue:

reflect what you reflect that the guests of honor would like. Maybe one of the couple's children or terminate friends would like to host the party for a more personal feel. They may hold a substantial dining hall or restaurant that can accommodate a number of guests. Remember, even if you are serving a meal, you can always hire a serving staff at a private home to benefit with the dinner, and even setting or cleaning up. No matter what the size of your celebration may be, you'll want to originate certain there is plenty of dwelling for people to both sit and proceed around comfortably.


Remember that the 50th anniversary is the golden anniversary, and the invitations first introduce this theme. Perhaps on the mask of each, you'll want to include a characterize of the couple from their wedding day fifty years ago. Outline the describe in gold, and include the date of their marriage, as well as the date of the anniversary party in gold lettering.


withhold the decorations comely, while combining original themes with the color procedure the couple frail on their wedding day. recent flowers always obtain a blooming environment, and you may mediate lining the entranceway with flower petals. Have guests enter through an archway lined with flowers and ivy. Floating candles further add to the ambiance. If you spread candles throughout the room, be positive the lights are dismal, allowing for guests to delight in the subtle lighting.

Honoring the couple:

In addition to your room decorations, be clear to have pictures of the couple around the room, whether on tables or hanging in the entryway. These pictures should follow the couple throughout their years together, eventually adding in pictures of children and grandchildren. Have guests either notice a guest book or leave pens and notecards on each table in order for guests to write notes to the couple. These can later be save together in a memory book for the couple. In order to further tie the party in with their wedding day, have guests toast the couple with the champagne glasses they frail fifty years ago. You may also develop a mountainous cake and include the cake topper from their wedding. Lastly, be certain to invite as many members of the modern wedding party as possible, and remove pictures to recreate that special day. (If possible, set aside the party in their fresh poses from the wedding day.)


Be distinct to tie in the colors of the party with your centerpieces, which should also include gold highlights. You may wish to do floral arrangements or space pictures of the couple at each decade of their time together on the tables. You may then surround the pictures either with flowers, confetti, or even candles. For a more fresh centerpiece, include cookie or chocolate bouquets on each table, and allow guests o hold them home as favors.

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